Flip Box Element

With Flip Box element of Max Addons for Bricks, you can display interactive content on your web pages on both front and back sides of the box.

To get started, edit the page using Bricks Builder and drag and drop the Flip Box element on the page.

Let's check out all the important features and options of the Flip Box element.

All the options of Flip Box element are available in Content tab. Style tab has default options that are common to all the elements.


From Front section you can add the icon, heading and description for the front part of the Flip Box. You can also change heading tag, background color from here. It is also possible to use gradient background instead of background color.


Back Section adds content to back side of the box. It has all the options of front section along with link and button options. With link option you can link to internal or external pages and lightbox image or video.


Here you can change some settings of the Flip Box.

This section has the following options:

  • Height - It controls the height of the box
  • Border Radius - With this option, you can change the border radius of the flip box container
  • Flip Effect - This option allows you to change the flip effect. The available effects are Flip, Slide, Push, Zoom In, Zoom Out and Fade.
  • Flip Direction - You can change the direction of the effect to up, down, left or right. This option is available for Flip, Slide and Push effects.
  • 3D Effect - This option is only available for Flip effect. It gives 3D effect to the flip effect.

Front Icon Style#

In this section, you can find the options to change styling for front icon. You can change icon position, icon spacing, icon color and icon size.

Front Style#

Here you can change the styling for front part of the flip box. You can change alignment of text, typography, color, border and padding here.

Back Icon Style#

This section has all the options from Front Icon Style section. Only difference is that options here are for styling the icon on back side of Flip Box.

Back Style#

Options in this section apply to back side of the box. It has same options as Front Style section along with some styling options for the button. You can change button size, typography, background, color, border and few more styling options.

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