Table of Contents

Improve your website’s readability, navigation, and SEO score using the Table of Contents Element by Max Addons for Bricks Builder.


Adding Table of Contents To Bricks Is Easy With Max Addons

Easily add an interactive table of contents on any blog post or page using the TOC Element of Max Addons. No additional coding skills are required!

Automatically Generates TOC

No need to manually create a table of contents on your Bricks website. Max Addons Table of Contents element automatically generates a list of headings based on the content of your web pages.

Save your time and effort with Max Addons, and ensure that your website visitors easily navigate and access your page content.

Make Headings Collapsible

Make your TOC headings collapsible with just a simple click. Max Addons Table of Contents offers a “Collapsible ToC” feature that allows your website visitors to expand or collapse headings as per their preference. .

If your website has longer pages or articles with many headings, this feature will make navigating the various content sections easy for your readers.

Flexibility To Include/Exclude Headings

With Max Addons’ TOC element, you can choose which headings to include or exclude in your table of contents. This is useful when you have optional content to be in the TOC. This feature also helps to keep your TOC concise and easy to navigate for your website visitors.

Showcase Table of Contents in Hierarchical Structure

With Max Addons’ TOC element, you can display your TOC in a hierarchical structure, making it easy for users to navigate your website’s content levels. The hierarchical feature comes in handy for web pages with a lot of sections and subsections.

Create Fully Customizable TOC Styles

We understand that every website has a unique design and a different style. That’s why we created our table of contents in such a way that users have complete control over its styling.

Max Addons’ TOC element allows you to create TOC styles that match your website’s branding. The TOC further can be customized in many ways, including font, color, and size, to make it look amazing and fit perfectly with your website.

A Few More Additional Features Of The TOC Element


Granular Styling Controls

User-friendly Interface



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