Rating Element for Bricks

Use the Rating element by Max Addons for Bricks Builder to create an interactive rating system. Get dynamic icon options, and seamless styling control.

Rating Scale

Effortlessly add a customized rating scale to gather user feedback and enhance engagement on your website.

Icon Options

Choose from a variety of icons that resonate with your brand, adding a touch of personality to your rating element.

Styling Options

Customize your rating element the way you like. You get plenty of exciting styling options to choose from.

Create a Unique & Visually Stunning Rating System

Get rid of the bland and mediocre rating system. Max Addon's advanced Rating element offers plenty of content and styling options that let you create a unique and visually stunning rating system on your WordPress site using Bricks Builder.

Rating Scale Freedom

Choose any number for your rating scale from 1 to 100. Whether it's food or movie reviews, your rating scale adapts to your content.

Flexible Rating Metrics

Everyone has their way of expressing how much they like something. You can allow your visitors to choose whole numbers (like 4 stars) if they have a clear opinion. They can also go for halves, like 4.5 stars if they feel in between.

Icon Options Made Easy

Add a custom rating icon, adjust spacing, or customize size and color – all hassle-free with Max Addons' Rating Element. No coding skills are needed!

Choose Rating Icon

Choose from a variety of captivating icons that resonate with your brand, adding a touch of personality to your rating element.

Marked Icon Color

Personalize the marked icons color to seamlessly integrate with your website's aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive and polished appearance.

Unmarked Icon Color

Don’t leave out the unmarked icons. Customize the color of the unmarked icons to achieve a visually appealing style.

Icon Size & Spacing

Define the size of your rating icons – big or small, ensuring a perfect fit within your site's interface. Fine-tune the spacing between icons for a visually pleasing and well-aligned presentation.