WooCommerce Product Badges

Display eye-catching sales badges on your WooCommerce products using the Product Badges Element for Bricks by Max Addons

Features of WooCommerce Product Badges Element

The Max Addons Product Badges element is packed with unlimited features, allowing you to showcase custom WooCommerce product badges without fuss!

Layout & Spacing

Adjust the layout and spacing of the WooCommerce product badges with just a click. Add margin & padding to create a clean-crisp design.

Border & Gradient

Add cool gradient/overlay effects, or highlight the product badges by adding a box-shadow/border without adding any custom CSS.


Color & Typography

Get complete control over product badges' color, and typography. Add color, background color, or alter the font, size, etc., per your requirement.

Boost Sales With WooCommerce Product Badges

Style your WooCommerce product badges with multiple styling options of the Max Addons Product Badge element. Display attention-grabbing sales labels, and increase your e-commerce store sales.

Multiple Badge Types

Using the Max Addons Product Badges element, you can select, customize, and display the default WooCommerce Product Badge types, such as Sale, Featured, Top-rated, and Best-Selling.
You can add sale tags to your products and showcase them on your live pages without adding HTML codes.

Create A Custom Text-Based Badge

Depending on the type of sale badge you select, you can customize its text. Using the WooCommerce Products Badges element, you can add custom text to your displayed product badges.

Interactive Color Styles For WooCommerce “Product Badges”

Customize the default WooCommerce product badges with Max Addons interactive color options.

If you are looking for a stunning color scheme for your sales badges, there are some impeccable options for you to choose from.

Choose Between Circle or Outline Layout Options

If you don’t want to display product badges in the standard layout, you get stylish layout options to change the boring-looking default option.

Display your sale badges in a fancy Circle layout, or use the bold
Outline option.