Fluent Forms Styler

Style and enhance the appearance of Fluent Forms with the powerful Fluent Forms Styler for Bricks Builder by Max Addons

Customize Fluent Forms In Just A few Clicks

Custom Title

Add and style form title directly from the website’s front-end.

Color Options

Plenty of color options to style every single element of the contact form.

Typography Options

Change font type, size, line height, spacing and other options to customize text content of the form.

Spacing & Alignment

Create perfect looking and dynamic form design by getting control of the spacing and alignment.

Border/Box Shadow

Highlight the overall contact form design by adding a border/box shadow.

Customize Radio & Chekbox Fields

Override default styling and add different borders, color and size to radio & checkbox fields.

Reasons Why You’ll Love The Fluent Form Styler of Max Addons

Max Addons Form Styler element includes dedicated options for enhancing every part of the contact form. Using its advanced options, you can create fully customized WordPress contact forms.

Pep Up Input Form Fields

Input fields are the essential part of the contact form. With Max Addons' Fluent Forms Styler, you can make form input fields stand out by styling borders, altering typography, and setting spacing. You also get options to customize the buttons and even set nice colors and backgrounds.

Contact Form Demo

Contact Form

Contact Form Demo

Show Custom Form Title

Grab your site visitors' attention with fancy contact form titles. With Fluent Forms Styler, you can create eye-catchy contact form headings by customizing typography, color, and other styling elements.

Style Success & Error Messages

Say goodbye to the commonly used contact form message designs. Style Fluent Forms Success & Error messages by changing color, customizing typography, and setting border & background.

Contact Form Demo
Contact Form Demo (#5)

Enhance Checkboxes & Radio Buttons

Fluent Forms Styler comes with styling options to enhance the look of checkboxes and radio buttons. You can style the buttons to match them perfectly with the existing form design.

Decor Submit Buttons to Boost Conversions

There are many options for styling submit and other form buttons, such as color area, shapes, and backgrounds. Additionally, you can customize the border and width of the submit button.

Contact Form Demo