Image Comparison

Create captivating before-and-after image comparisons with Max Addons' Image Comparison element for Bricks Builder.

Create Eye-Catchy Before and After Image Comparisons

Fitness Coach? Flaunt your Client's Success

You can use the Image Comparison element to showcase your client's fitness journey. Whether it's weight gain or weight loss, the Image Comparison element is an excellent way to feature the before-and-after transformations.


Showcase Before and After Versions of an Image

Display the before-and-after versions of any image to highlight transformations, renovations, or any changes that matter. This is perfect for photographers, designers, and anyone wanting to tell a visual story.


Customize Image Labels

Tailor the labels of your images to convey the message better. Whether it's "Before & After," "Old & New," or any custom label, you have full control to make your comparisons more meaningful.

Handle Customization Options

Personalize the comparison slider with various customization options. Choose the handle and arrow colors that best fit your website's design, or create a standout feature with contrasting colors.

Showcase Your Design & Development Portfolio

Do you run a digital agency? You can use Image Comparison Element to display your website redesign and branding projects.


Slider Moving Options

Enhance user interaction with flexible slider movement options. Allow users to drag the slider or use mouse movement for a smooth and engaging experience.

Slider Orientation Options

Decide how you want your comparisons to be viewed. With both vertical and horizontal slider orientation options, you can choose the layout that best fits your content and design needs.