WooCommerce Add to Cart

Create a custom Add-To-Cart button & let your users add products quickly with the Add to Cart Element of Max Addons for Bricks Builder

Display Add to Cart Button On Any Page

Add to Cart button element allows you to add the customized add to cart button to any page of your WooCommerce website. This way, users can add products directly to their carts without leaving the current navigation page.

Adding a cart button to your website’s deal or offer pages will make purchasing much easier & enhances the shopping experience of your buyers.

Pre-Define The Product Quantity

With the Add-to-Cart element, you can provide your visitors with a smooth shopping experience and save them time. There is no need for them to go to the single product page to select the quantity of the product.

Advanced Styling Options For Add to Cart Button

Customize the Add to Cart button with advanced styling options to match your existing page design. You can change the color, typography, fonts, and icons with a few clicks.