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Mask Feature for Bricks Builder

Max Addons brings you the Mask feature for your Bricks Builder. Now you can add an interactive mask to any of your Bricks elements in just a single click.

Make your Bricks websites more stylish and decorate your site elements to create eye-catchy designs using the Mask option of Max Addons.

Let's see how the Mask Feature works:

Step 1: First, open the page, and add any element you want to add a mask.

Here we'll be adding a mask to an Image Element.

Step 2: Once you add the image, head over to the Style Tab and navigate to the Mask feature.

mask feature for bricks builder

Step 3: Now, you can set the Mask options as your preference.

  • Shape: Choose one of the preset mask Shapes from the available options.

mask shapes

  • Size: Select Mask Size from the given options.

define mask size

  • Position: Define the Position of the Mask with respect to the Element.

set mask position

  • Repeat: Select the Repeat or Non-Repeat options for your Mask designs.

mask repeat features

And there you've it! This is how you can add Mask to any of your WordPress websites using Max Addons and Bricks Builder.

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