Gravity Forms Styler For Bricks Builder

Customize the default Gravity Forms and customize their appearance using the advanced Gravity Forms Styler by Max Addons for Bricks Builder.

No-Code Customization Options For Gravity Forms

Max Addons’ form styler is the best tool for styling WordPress forms built with Gravity Forms. It offers a range of customization options that are both powerful and easy to use, allowing you to create stunning contact form designs without needing to write any code.

Custom Title

Add a custom form title and style it directly from the website's front-end.

Color Options

Flexibility to style every element by customizing its color property.

Typography Options

Decor the forms’ text content by altering its font type, size, line height, and more.

Spacing & Alignment

Create pixel-perfect form designs by setting spacing and alignment.

Border/Box Shadow

Easily add border/box shadow to enhance the overall look of the form.


Jazz up your form design more by adding a gradient/overlay styling effect.

Styling Gravity Forms Is Easier Than Ever With Max Addons

Create completely customized Gravity Forms with powerful yet easy styling features

Add Customized Form Title

Add a fancy and eye-catching contact form heading directly from the front end of your WordPress website. You can add a custom form title and style it using the many styling options available with Gravity Form Styler.

Styling Options For Input Form Fields

Form Fields are the important contact form elements and are thus required to style properly. With the Max Addons' Gravity Form Styler, you get options to customize the input form fields by altering their typography color, size, background color, and more.

Style Success & Error Messages

Get rid of the standard red and green color scheme for form messages. Personalize Gravity Forms’ error and success messages and enhance your site visitors' form-filling experience.

Modify Checkboxes & Radio Buttons

The styling options included in the Gravity Forms Styler help you improve the appearance of checkboxes and radio buttons. Customize the buttons' default styling and make them look perfect, matching your form design.

Style Submit Buttons To Entice Users To Click

Make your form's CTA button more appealing by decoring its look. You can customize button color, shape, size, and other styling elements. In addition, you can also change the submit button's border and width.