Dynamic Tags

Max Addons provide some extra dynamic tags over default tags provided by Bricks.

You check the list of default dynamic tags and also how to use them in this official Bricks doc.

Standard WordPress Tags#

max_post_terms - Returns a comma-separated list of terms of a taxonomy assigned to the post. By default, it returns the terms associated with Category.

You can provide the taxonomies like this:

{max_post_terms:category}, {max_post_terms:post_tag}

  • max_post_published_ago - Returns the post published time in ago format.
  • max_post_modified_ago - Returns the post modified time in ago format.

WooCommerce Tags#

  • max_product_sales_count - Returns the WooCommerce product sales count.
  • woo_max_product_sales_count - Displays product sales count.
  • woo_max_product_stock_quantity - Displays available product stock count.
  • woo_max_fs_remaining_amount - Shows the remaining amount to get free shipping.

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