Stock Progress Bar For Bricks Builder

Introducing the Max Addons’ Stock Progress Bar for Bricks Builder – a dynamic and
engaging way to showcase product availability in your WooCommerce store.

Boost Your WooCommerce Sales with Max Addons

Show Stock Levels Like Never Before

With the Max Addons' Stock Progress Bar, you can easily display the number of products left in stock for any WooCommerce product. This helps you create a sense of urgency by triggering the FOMO response and offers a clear, engaging way to display product availability.

Dynamic Product Sold and Available Counts

Leverage the power of dynamic tags to automatically show the product sales count and the available product stock count. You have the flexibility to display or hide these counts based on your preference.

Customize Visibility Based on Stock Levels

Tailor the visibility of your progress bar to suit your needs. Choose to show/hide the progress bar only when stock levels are low, ensuring that your customers are aware of limited stock without overwhelming them when stock is full. Plus, you get an option to hide the progress bar when a product is out of stock.

Extensive Styling Options

Style the progress bar to perfectly match your website’s design with a wide range of styling options.

Adjustable Height

Set the height of the progress bar to fit seamlessly within your design layout.

Custom Bar Color

Choose a bar color that aligns with your brand’s color scheme.

Background Color

Pick a background color for the bar to make it stand out or blend in, based on your preference.

Bar Border

Add a sleek border to the bar for an extra touch of sophistication.

Label Typography

Customize the typography of the labels to ensure they are clear and readable.

Available Stock Typography

Personalize the typography for the available stock count to maintain consistency and readability.