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Reusable Block Overview

Using the Reusable Block element of Max Addons, you can use WordPress Reusable Blocks in Bricks builder. If a reusable block is updated in WordPress, it's also updated in any Bricks layout where it's used.

Please refer to the following guide on creating reusable blocks through Gutenberg - https://wordpress.org/support/article/reusable-blocks/

Once you have created a reusable block in Gutenberg, you can use it in Bricks builder:

  • Drag & drop the Reusable Block element of Max Addons

Reusable Block element - Max Addons for Bricks
Reusable Block element

  • Select your saved reusable block from the dropdown

Select reusable block - Max Addons for Bricks
Select a reusable block

  • That's it. The reusable block you made with Gutenberg is now rendered in the Bricks builder.

Reusable Block - Calendar - Max Addons for Bricks
Reusable Block - Calendar

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