Fluent Forms Styler Overview

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With the Fluent Forms Styler element, you can easily add and style any Fluent Form directly inside the Bricks builder editor.

Add the Form#

Using Fluent Forms Styler element is pretty straightforward. Here is how you can get started with it:

  • First, drag and drop it into the appropriate place in the editor.
  • Now go to the Contact Form tab and select the form you want to add to the page from the dropdown list of forms.
  • You can now see the preview of the form on the page.

Style the Form#

After adding the form to the page, you can start styling it. The available options allow you to style almost every element of the form. All the style options are divided into sections so that you can easily find your required options.

Here is a list of all the options available in this element:

  • Input Fields - Here, you can find the options related to input and textarea fields. You can style the fields, labels and placeholders.
  • Spacing - In this section, you can find the options to control the spacing between fields, labels and buttons.
  • Help Message - Find the options to style the help message here.
  • Radio and Checkbox - You can also apply the custom styles to radio and checkbox fields.
  • Submit Button - Here, you can find all the options to style the submit button.
  • Errors - In some cases, the form shows error messages. Using the available options, you can also style those error messages and their respective fields.
  • Confirmation Message - After the form is successfully submitted, a confirmation message is shown. You can find the options to style the confirmation message here.

If you face any issues or difficulties while using this element or if you find any option missing, do let us know using the Contact page.

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