How to Customize Lightbox Size for Video Elements Using Bricks Builder

Follow these steps to customize the lightbox size for Max Addons' video elements using Bricks Builder:

1. Open Your Page#

Go to the page where you have added the Video or Video Gallery Element.

2. Edit with Bricks Builder#

Click on the option to edit the page using Bricks Builder.

3. Go to the Content Tab#

Once in Bricks Builder, navigate to the Content tab of the Video element.

content tab of video element

4. Open the Video Section & Enable Lightbox#

  • In the Content tab, find and open the first section labeled Video.
  • Look for the Video Options section.
  • Toggle on the Lightbox button to enable it.

lightbox settings

6. Access Theme Styles#

  • Next, go to the Settings option within Bricks Builder.
  • Click on Theme Styles.

theme style

7. Create or Edit Theme Styles#

If you don't have any existing theme styles, create a new one. Make sure that you have set at least one condition to apply the theme styles to your website. If no condition is set, then the theme styles will have no effect.

create theme style

8. Customize Lightbox Settings#

  • Click on the General tab within the theme styles.
  • Here, you will find options to customize the lightbox, including:

    • Lightbox Width (Video): Adjust the lightbox width to your preference.
    • Lightbox Height (Video): Adjust the height of the lightbox.
    • Lightbox Background: Change the background color of the lightbox.
    • Lightbox Close Color: Customize the close button's color on the lightbox.
    • Lightbox Close Size: Adjust the size of the close button.

customize lightbox settings

9. Save Your Changes#

After adjusting the lightbox settings to match your design preference, make sure to save the changes.

By following these steps, you can easily customize the lightbox settings for Max Addons' video elements in Bricks Builder. I hope this helps!

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