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Max Addons Update v1.5.0 – Introducing Advanced Conditions and Query Loop in Max Addons for Bricks Builder!

We are thrilled to announce two incredible new features in Max Addons for Bricks Builder: Advanced Conditions and Max Query Loop!

Display Conditions for bricks Builder

First up, we have advanced Conditions!

Max Addons Conditions is an extension to Bricks’ default conditions. This feature allows you to showcase content on your site depending on Custom Rules and WooCommerce Parameters..

Whether you want to display content based on Post Types like Category or Tag Or show/hide content based on WooCommerce parameters like Product Category or Stock! You can do it all with Max Addons advanced Display Conditions feature! Check out more details here.

Max Query Loop

Say hello to Max Query Loop! This nifty feature is all about Dynamic Content Display.

It’s like an upgrade to Bricks’ query loop, giving you even more control. Now, you can fetch previous and next posts chronologically with Adjacent Posts. Plus, with Related Posts, you can display posts that share specific criteria with the current post, such as categories or tags.

These new query loop additions are super handy for creating engaging and relevant content! Learn how to use it in our detailed doc here.

We’ve designed these features with simplicity and flexibility in mind to make your website-building journey with Bricks Builder & Max Addons as smooth as possible.

Got questions or need some help to get started? Our support team is always here for you.

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