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Max Addons Update v1.4.0 – Introducing Table of Contents Element and Mask Feature

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Max Addons v1.4. πŸš€

With the release of this update, we’ve included two sensational features that will revolutionize your design process: the creative Table of Contents Element and the first-ever Mask Feature for Bricks Builder.

So, let’s look at our new features & how they can help you design your website.

Table of Contents Element: Unlock Seamless Navigation ✨

Goodbye to scattered content and hello to seamless navigation: Presenting Table of Contents Element for Bricks Builder.

table of contents element

Our TOC Element automatically scans the headings of your web pages and generates a table of contents. If you tend to publish lengthy articles, & blog posts, this is your best tool to take control of your content hierarchy.

Further, the Table of Contents element automatically updates itself as you add, remove, or modify sections on your website, saving you time and effort in maintaining the navigation system.

Features of Table of Contents

  • Flexibility to exclude/include headings tags
  • Offers “Collapsible ToC” feature
  • Includes Hierarchical Structure option
  • Customizable styling
  • Dynamic updating
  • Responsive design

Mask Feature: Unleash Your Design Superpowers ⚑

Open the power of creative wizardry and create stunning visual effects with the FIRST-EVER Mask Option for Bricks Builder.

The Mask option allows you to add masks of different shapes to ​​any element of your website. You can elevate your page design and transform elements into the shape of your choosing to eye-catchy designs.

What’s More? 🌟

But that’s not all! Max Addons v1.4 comes packed with numerous enhancements and improvements, making your design process smoother, faster, and more delightful. We’ve listened to your feedback, squashed bugs, and fine-tuned every detail to ensure a seamless experience. Check complete Change Logs here!

🎁 And and….., we’re super excited that WordPress is turning 20 this year. And to sweeten this celebration, we’re offering an exclusive discount to our users. Use the code WP20 during checkout to enjoy a fantastic 15% off on your upgrade. So what you’re waiting for? Get Max Addons now!

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