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Update v1.7.0: Introducing Exciting New WooCommerce Elements and Enhancements

We’re happy to announce the latest update for Max Addons for Bricks Builder. This update introduces an array of exciting new Woo elements and enhancements that will streamline your design process and enhance user engagement.

New Elements

Our new elements expand your creative toolkit, empowering you to build stunning websites quickly. The Woo Product Gallery and Woo Product Image elements seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce.

  • WooCommerce Product Gallery: The Woo Product Gallery allows you to create dynamic galleries that highlight multiple product images.
  • WooCommerce Product Image: With this element, you can showcase WooCommerce product images and add exciting hover effects to grab your audience’s attention and drive conversions.

Including these new elements, we have also updated our Query Loop builder options.

Now, you can effortlessly highlight your best offerings with the new Featured Products query loop, promote discounted items with the On Sale Products query loop, and build trust with potential customers by showcasing your top-rated products using the Top Rated Products query loop.

Additionally, you can showcase digital downloadable products, encourage additional purchases with cross-sell and upsell suggestions and bring your product pages to life with immersive product gallery images.


In addition to the new elements, we’ve introduced enhancements that further enhance the versatility and functionality of Max Addons.

The Image Gallery element now offers an Image ratio option, giving you greater control over the aspect ratio of your images for a more polished look. Moreover, the Instagram Feed element now supports all units for Spacing control.

Now, you can enhance your online stores with product showcasing capabilities. Whether highlighting featured, discounted, or top-rated products, encouraging additional purchases with cross-sells and upsells, or creating immersive product galleries, these new features empower you to create compelling shopping experiences for your customers.

To know more about this update, check our change-logs page!

Upgrade Max Addons today and effortlessly create stunning WooCommerce websites with Bricks Builder!

Got questions or need some help to get started? Our support team is always here for you.

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